About Us

Institute of Food Industry The main mission is to strengthen the competitiveness of the food industry of Thailand. And to publish the identity of Thailand. The collective wisdom passed down continuously from the past to the present to be recognized and acknowledged for consumers around the world.

Therefore, the development of e-Marketplace in www.thailandfoodmarket.com. Institute of Food It is an important tool that can meet the above objectives, namely Thailandfoodmarket.com. It is a channel for entrepreneurs in the food industry of Thailand. Can be present in food products and enterprise systems. e-Marketplace of Thailandfoodmarket.com Fully All images and information about the product or organization is Thailandfoodmarket.com. Also the distribution channel for buyers or consumers at home and abroad. Food orders can be contacted by interested entrepreneurs. Thailandfoodmarket.com direct, easy and fast

www.thailandfoodmarket.com The essential tool of the National Food Institute To push the food industry of Thailand to the world’s kitchen includes a networking tool for business cooperation between operators in the food industry of Thailand. To enhance the capabilities and competitiveness in the international trade arena.